while looking for "pottery near me" on google i came across Earthen Aura location on goggle maps, and was excitedt to see that its close to my residence. the first day in the stuidio was easy to setlle in, as it was a very informal and cozy envirnoment. i was totally at ease to be there. I had no idea about how to work with clay, on wheel. On Youtube it looks very easy but in reality, after my first class at Earthen Aura, i had more respect for potters. the way one gets to learn and correct oneself is very compfortable. One can ask anything and always told how and why of the technique. I have been attending the classes for few months now and have imroved a lot, and it is an exciting journey from day one to now where in I have learnd making bowls, trimming and paninting and carving. Also had hands on with hand work making a platter was just "WOW" love to be at Earthen Aura, also love the ambiance, comfort of the classes very patient instructor Thanks Earthen Aura

Dr. Shruti Sharma

Eye Surgeon

Indraprastha University organized a workshop for University students on pottery. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Dipti Gupta in the month of October, 2016. Earlier Ms. Dipti had conducted a workshop on pottery using potter’s wheel. Thus, the students got a taste of both hand and wheel - pottery. Students participated in the workshop with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was a hands - on artistic experience for them, which gave a good vent out for their creative and artistic instincts. Such classes held under professional guidance of the artist Dipti Gupta can be very relaxing and therapeutic for students, specially students of professional courses, who are always bogged down with curricular and co- curricular activities. Students found the classes to be very brilliant experience. Ms. Dipti was quite enthusiastic and patient with the students. They made tortoise magnets and wall tiles with geometric patterns. After firing and glazing the magnets and tiles made by the students look amazing. Even the faculty members of university were very keen to try their hands on pottery. We at IP University wish Ms. Dipti all the best and look forward to more such workshops.

Mrs.Deepshikha Agarwal

I.P University

True beauty sits in the ability to create something... not all have that beauty n those who possess it certainly create magic.. its an experience to see that magic being created each day... resting that beauty in each piece with all calmness n finesse.. its magnificent how beautifully an unmolded piece of clay turns to become an artifact. just when the wet clay swirls over the wheel into tender pot. . it brings real joy n satisfaction to mind n heart that we still can create n shape ..

Mrs.Kanika Sabharwal


Ok, if u ask me how I got started with pottery .. I'll say instagram is the answer !! I just got hooked to the amazing videos where u play with the clay and do super cool things with it. But what I never knew was that I'll get to have a teacher whose gonna make me feel "it's so easy and you can do it" , ofcourse with practice and patience. Here I'm talking about Ms. Dipti .. she has been an amazing teacher , who has not just introduced me to this amazing world of clay but has also ensured that the entire journey has been very enjoyable :) I hate to miss my classes , as I love to spend time with clay and Jerry , oh yes ! I have finally overcome my fear of dogs and have been quite ok with jerry being around all the time :) I look forward to have more of clay in my world .. create things with your own hands .. I have found peace and happiness in it :) :) .. and maybe I have found my retirement plans


Earthen Aura